Housing forecast 2017-2018
Housing production is facing a severe downturn
Based on the current data, San Francisco housing production in 2017-2018 will represent a nearly 50% drop from record-high 2016 level of 5000+ units.
Developer input needed for timely and accurate reporting
Unit counts, expected completion dates, and other property attributes change frequently. Our pipeline verification tools allow all stakeholders to add, correct, and expand individual records.
Building permit approval times
Approval times differ wildly
A sizable number of multi-family projects are permitted in 3-6 months, while others wait for 5-10 years. The crisis of 2008 gives only a partial explanation for abnormally long permitting times.
Data holds keys to finding bottlenecks
Statecraft system allows quick research on fastest and slowest approvals in individual categories, filtering permits by period, project size, key dates, and application status.
About Us

This housing analytics portal is developed by Statecraft, an urban analytics company based in San Francisco. We hope to significantly expand our analysis in near future, with insights for affordable housing, inclusionary requirements, development incentives, and opportunity sites.

Data sources

Our database was initially populated from San Francisco Open Data portal. Additional information is collected by volunteer contributors from publicly available sources such as developer websites. Statecraft is currently testing new tools to allow all stakeholders to correct and expand individual records.

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